Welcome To Flizzy’s Place!!


I have big plans for what this website will eventually become, but everything is a process. This is a new adventure for me and I hope to be able to share some helpful info from my years of wandering through both the real and cyber worlds.

I want to start by saying feel free to leave comments, ask questions, and make any suggestions you feel will make this site more valuable to you.


My main goal is to make this a place where you can get straight, zero fluff answers to your questions and to help with creating the life you and we all deserve. If you wanna learn the best way to pick up chicks…well…I’m probably the wrong guy to help, but if you ask for help in this area I promise not only will I find the best practices but I will present them to you in easy to follow, actionable steps. I will make recommendations, do reviews of products and programs and let you know if they suck or not.

I admit that the majority of the stuff you’ll find here will be geared toward people with an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset, who wish to leave the rat race and eek out a successful living working from home or doing online and affiliate marketing. (You probably figured that out already)

That, however, does not mean that if you’re not interested in these things that you can’t find value in this site.